December 2013 Project "Time Stamp Zero".
Filming to begin Summer 2013
Launching a movie project that has been in the works for over a year, currently doing casting research for the lead and supporting actors for this project. Time Stamp Zero -
Synopsis draft November 27, 2012 Project goal is to produce a full length feature film based on this synopsis. Based upon research "Past life & RV research of future & past time lines", lead in project is a five part fiction SIFI/Horror mini series based on a primary dominate lead female character.
Each segment is intended to be under five minutes for promotional demo reels representing a larger movie project by McCann Multimedia Studios.
Story line: In the near future human consciousness is undergoing an extreme change affecting human self awareness that causes modern civilization to shift in dramatic directions. People all over the world randomly begin having recall of past life's, this causes insanity in many and others wake up to a vast shift in personal mental abilities and knowledge they had gained over many life experiences. Only those capable of advanced critical thinking with basic awareness of what they truly are survive this shift. The question remains "what are we? and why are we here?"
This begins with our lead actress Dana Wolf a civilian remote viewer working for the intelligence community, she is working RV targets on future short term time lines. She sees and identify's this shift in the very near future during her work. The project shifts to detecting if this has already started occurring, Dana Wolf soon begin's going through the shift herself and soon it becomes a full time job of surviving the surrounding mayhem as the line between good and bad is blurred beyond recognition.
Dana Wolf has an edge, she already has advanced mental awareness developed during her remote viewing training and natural psychic abilities. The first stage of this project is to produce 5 HD demo reels each being five minutes or less in duration. Each reel will reflect scenes from script segments through out the film. The reels will be used to promote the full project on it's own web site and a quest to acquire budget funding to produce the full film.
Current Gallery's 2012
Working on locations in and around Malibu and the Santa Monica mountains, portfolio shoots and HD video shots for individual model portfolios.
Past Gallery's 2008 & 2009
Shuttle Mission STS-121 November 30th 2008
Edwards Air Force Base Landing 1:25PM PST
Slide Show of the Landing at Edwards
F117 Stealth Fighter is Decommissioned
Last Flight At Plant 42 05-18-2008 by JC
Slide Show Presentation of last flight
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