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Date Update August 4, 2011
Photography Projects

To be posted.
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Wedding Photography
Date Updated: August 4, 2011
Wedding photography examples; in digital or 35mm format. HD video and post production editing services avaliable.

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Current Projects

San Francisco Street Photography - Haight & Ashbury Photo Shoot
Street photography to be posted
Photo Journalist approach to the Haight & Ashbury cultural zone, this collection of digital images represent a day on the street in San Francisco. I would like to thank my new found Arab and Palestinian friends at the smoke shop for the cigs lighter and laughs! (Images to be posted soon)

Topanga Beach model search - Project.
Spring & Summer 2011
Final search underway for a male and or female models to represent this line of beach products and to be used in the official web site graphics and clothing art designs. These applicants are being screened currently.

Black Rock Nevada, - Photo Shoot.
Date: Monday, January 28, 2008 by JCM
Photography session on the famous Black Rock dry lake in northern Nevada, the car was there for testing and a 10 year reunion with the world land speed record holding teams.

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